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    • 282020-2

      What functions can the speaker magnetic circuit assembly machine automatically realize?

      Speaker magnetic circuit assembling machine is suitable for the automation equipment of speaker magnetic circuit assembly. So what functions can this speaker magnetic circuit assembly machine automatically realize? 1. In the process of speaker magnetic circuit assembly, instead of manual automation...

    • 282020-2

      What are the characteristics of the automatic assembly line for headphone speakers?

      This automatic equipment is suitable for the automatic assembly of the finished product of the headphone speaker, so it is called the headphone speaker automatic assembly line, and its characteristics are as follows: 1. The headphone speaker automatic assembly line is used for the finished product ...

    • 282020-2

      What are the commonly used models of mobile phone speaker automatic assembly machine?

      The mobile phone speaker automatic assembly machine is an automatic device that realizes the assembly of mobile phone speakers and receivers. Through the magnetic circuit part of the mobile phone horn automatic assembly machine and the voice coil sound film part, and the bracket and the back cover c...

    • 282020-2

      Practical knowledge of electrical automation

      1. Primary circuit-The electrical main wiring from the generator through the transformer and the transmission and distribution lines to the electrical equipment, usually called the primary circuit. 2. Secondary equipment-Secondary equipment is auxiliary equipment that monitors, measures, controls a...