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    Automatic Soldering Machine
    • Automatic soldering machine

    Automatic soldering machine

    1.Suitable for front-end assembly of external magnetic multimedia, laptop, car and other speakers, which can realize automatic assembly and bonding of T-iron, bracket, magnet, gasket, drum paper; 2.Sautomatic insertion of positioning gauges, automatic drying, automatic removal of positioning gauges, automatic reflow of positioning gauges, automatic glue dispensing functions;
    3.Eliminate manual errors, ensure product consistency, reduce dependence on skilled workers, reduce training costs, and save labor costs during low and peak seasons;
    4.Using high-precision jigs made of aviation aluminum materials to ensure a good yield;
    5.The body is welded and polished with thicker profiles to ensure the integrity and firmness of the equipment, increase the service life of the equipment, and reduce maintenance costs;
    6.The equipment structure is carefully designed, easy to change money, and low cost;

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    specification 660*650*650cm
    Peak number 2
    Drive form electric
    Current communicate with
    Preheating zone length 1-199mm
    Tin furnace temperature


    Temperature control method thermostat
    Starting power 150KW

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