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    What are the commonly used models of mobile phone speaker automatic assembly machine?


    The mobile phone speaker automatic assembly machine is an automatic device that realizes the assembly of mobile phone speakers and receivers. Through the magnetic circuit part of the mobile phone horn automatic assembly machine and the voice coil sound film part, and the bracket and the back cover can be automatically assembled, automatically welded, automatically detected, and automatically excluded. So what are the models suitable for automatic assembly of mobile phone speakers? The speaker automatic assembly equipment manufacturer Kaiyu told you:

    Mobile phone speaker automatic assembly machine usually applicable models are 1511, 1609, 1506, 1813, of course, you can customize the appropriate mobile phone speaker assembly machine according to the actual needs of customers, Kay ’s mobile phone speaker automatic assembly machine can save 70% of labor, improve quality 80%, easy to operate, efficient and stable! For details, please contact 19979707883 (same WeChat account)