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    Industrial Automation and Automation Blind Zone

    In today's rapidly developing industry, everything depends on the development of science and technology and automation equipment. It has greatly improved the production efficiency and satisfied most people's imagination before. Like the early big brothers, ordinary people can feel it as a nameless enjoyment, and it feels like the stars have shaken their hands. But today, it seems so funny. What is even more ridiculous is that this happened exactly as yesterday, and many people still remember it.
        Of course, automation is good, but the following points must be met, otherwise it will fall into the blind zone of automated production. The money went in, why can't I give you a wish in return.
        One. Are we going to automate
         1. Is the quantity of the product sufficient?
         2. What is the added value of the product?
         3. The accuracy of the product includes the accuracy of assembly, which determines the cost.
        With these 3 points, we have a clear idea. For example, the heating pipe industry, although the profit is not as high as before, but if it can be integrated from shrinking pipe to bending pipe, then the competitiveness will go up. This can be automated. For another example, the lighting industry and the faucet industry have many styles and change rapidly, and generally do not need to be automated. But the faucet seal ring factory is different, they can go to the automatic counting packing machine, because this product is fixed. In the lighting industry, many processes are the same for slicing or lamp heads, and these parts factories can be automated.
        two. How to choose the right automation company
        Many people think that they have spent money and must find a brand company. You are not buying a watch, you are buying equipment. Buy advanced ideas, these are impossible to buy in the market. In the United States, especially Microsoft, Apple, and Google. They all accepted the cooperation of large companies. Because the market trains more rising stars. This is the iron law. There are three reasons: they discovered technology or laws; they want to push technology directly to society, not sell it to the boss; they must break through. Therefore, the best and most advanced things must be in their hands or heads.
        In other words, whoever grabs their technology first finds the automation company that suits them. It is not difficult to understand why in the United States, large companies always spend money on small companies. Imagine that you invest 10 million yuan for large companies to do research and development with you, and the cutting-edge technology is doing management, which costs a large group of people. The money invested in research and development is a sloppy salary, which is why no new things can be produced.
        three. How to work with small and micro automation companies
    Find an entrepreneurial team with R & D capabilities. They are usually composed of engineers or high-tech technicians. Just three to five people. It's the kind of extra small micro. Then give them certain R & D expenses, allow a certain range of financial losses, and treat them as the R & D department of their own company. Track progress at any time and follow up on the process. In this way, they can research and develop with ease, so as to avoid perfunctory incidents due to insufficient funds. Of course, you need to sign a confidentiality agreement with them. Although it will cost a lot of money, it is also worth the exclusive technology.
        Only by following the above three points, you can judge whether you should automate and know how to operate.