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    Bluetooth headset speaker automatic assembly manufacturers on the main structure of Bluetooth headset speaker

    Sound pressure equalization, natural listening, and expressive Bluetooth headphones have such good sound quality that they cannot be separated from their headphone speakers. What are the main structures of Bluetooth headphone speakers? 15 years of automatic assembly of Bluetooth headphone speakers tell you:

    1. The cavity is a very important part of the Bluetooth earphone speaker. If it is not designed well, it will directly affect the sound quality of the entire speaker. Therefore, a good cavity can construct a good speaker, and provide a cutting-edge guarantee for high-quality speakers.
    2. The vibration part of the Bluetooth headset speaker: the sound film, the frequency response of the speaker plays a decisive role, and also determines the low, medium and high frequency part of the speaker. Generally, the sound film of a good Bluetooth headset speaker is synthesized with a polymer material, and the middle of the sound film Electroplating. The copper ring plays the role of fixing the sound film to prevent the sound film from shaking everywhere; the voice coil is also the heart of the Bluetooth headset speaker. If the voice coil is broken, all the functions of the speaker will stop.

    3. The tuning part of the Bluetooth headset speaker: Of course, the tuning paper plays the role of tuning, which is also very important.

    4. The protective part of the Bluetooth headset speaker: The ear cover plays a protective role. It protects the sound film from being damaged and damaged and deformed.

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