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    Work flow of headphone speaker fully automatic tuning network machine

    This automatic equipment can realize the automatic affixation of the tuning net / tuning paper / blocking paper to the earphone speaker. It does not need manual work after booting, and it runs automatically throughout the process. . So what are the work processes involved in fully automatic tuning of the headphone speaker? The editor of Kaiyu Automation tells you:
    1.Automatic ear shell loading
    2, automatic ear shell
    3.Automatic material detection
    4.Automatically attach the tuning network / tuning paper / blocking paper
    5, automatic pressure tuning network / tuning paper / sound blocking paper

    6.Automatic discharge

    Dongguan Kaiyu has been focusing on the development and production of electro-acoustic speaker automation equipment for 15 years, providing the electro-acoustic industry with automatic assembly, automatic winding, automatic combination of sound film, automatic tuning paper (cloth), automatic dispensing, and automatic detection. Automated integrated equipment for all processes such as automatic welding, providing customers with comprehensive solutions for the assembly and production of electro-acoustic products, comprehensive replacement of manual, efficient, and fully automated production. People, quality increased by 80%, efficient and stable, easy to operate, won the praise of many industries and enterprises such as Lianchuang, Edifier, AAC!

    For more information about automatic headphone speakers and fully automatic tuning network machines, please contact the 24-hour manufacturer service hotline: 19979707883
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